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7.3. File Path to Map P: and Q:

If you are off campus a VPN connection is required to access your P: or Q: drive

Please see How to Connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Windows 7 

One-campus users will need to connect to an Ethernet jack or UCONN-SECURE.


Click the Window's Start icon (Windows Orb).

In the "Search Programs and Files field" type or paste in the following


Press the enter key.

The School of Business Logon script will run on the PC you are using.



When prompted enter your School of Business userid and append @business.uconn.edu.

Enter your School of Business domain password.  Click Ok.


You may be prompted with a "Open File - Security Warning".  Click Open.


When the script finishes running, you will see something similar to the following:

Visit "My Computer" to see your mapped drives!

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