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3.2. How to Create PDF Forms in Adobe Acrobat Pro


1 . Create the form in Microsoft Office or similar program.

See: Example form



2 . Convert the file to a PDF.

Choose "File" > "Create PDF" > "From File" from the taskbar.

Note: You may use other sources as well.


Browse to your form document and select "Open."



3. Choose "Forms" > "Add or Edit Fields" from the taskbar.

Note: Feel free to auto detect form fields if prompted.  It's not perfect, but most of the text fields should populate automatically.


Right clicking on a field will give you a number of options, the most important of those being "Name" and "Required."



4. Adding additional fields.

Combo box (Drop down menu)

Choose "Add New Field" > "Combo Box" from the toolbar.


Place the field in the desired location.



Name the field, and select "Show All Properties" to set additional options.


Select the "Options" tab to add additional options to the combo box.


Radio button

Add a new radio button as shown above.

Name the radio group and button value.

Select "Add another button to group" to add a second option


Place the second button.


Set the value of the second button, and make sure the "Radio Group Name" is the same as the first.



5. Explore the field properties for additional formatting and validation options.

See: Completed example form


Additonal notes:

Under the ADVANCED menu, you need to choose "Extend features to Reader" to enable saving in Adobe Reader.


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