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9.3. How to Convert a File from *.DOCX Format to *.DOC


Nothing can be more embarrassing than appearing non-technical or too far behind the technology curve. Asking for a document to be converted from a common standard to an old format is a technology faux pas.


With the impending release of Office 2010, the *.docx file format will cement MS Words' default file format as the defacto standard.

Asking a sender to convert your file will indicate to a colleague, business partner, manager, etc. that you are unable or unwilling to keep up with technology.

Here are some tips that will maintain your status without jeopardizing your perceived technical literacy, even if upgrading from Office 2003 is not in your plan for the immediate future.

Some--but not all--documents should convert properly using the MS Office Compatibility Pack. It does not handle figures, especially those created in Word, well.


Other services which perform the same function include:

They are easy to use and absolutely worth using when necessary.

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