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9.5. How to Fix a Corrupted Microsoft Word Document


If a document created in MS Word 2003 or Word 2007 will not open, ALL IS NOT LOST. You can use any number of free Opensource Word Processing applications, which are similar to Word, to repair the document.



How to Recover Text and Graphics

Make a COPY of the document to recover. Open the copied document in OpenOffice Word Processor or AbiWord.

Then save the document in the native format for OpenOffice save the file as an ODT file. For AbiWord save the file as an ABW file.

Close the file then open it by double-clicking on the newly create odt file or abw file and resave the document as a doc or docx.

Often this is enough to fix the document enough to continue. To complete the document repair open the converted document in MS Word and look for any strange formatting , characters or graphics files that are obviously out of place.



The Permanent Fix

To truly correct the document you can open Word and copy and paste portions of the document from AbiWord or OpenOffice Word Processor into a new Word document BE SURE TO SAVE in Word as you go.

Or open the newly converted MS Word doc or docx file created in the steps above.


Here is an example of some formatting problems in MS Word that corrupted a document.

In this example a table was cut and pasted from the web and the table size exceeds the margins of the page.  This will cause a problem at some point in the document.


Click on the table and you will see a 4-pointed positioning cursor Right click over the tables  4-pointed positioning icon to bring up the table properties.


Scroll to and select Table Properties

On the Table Tab, notice that the "Preferred width" is grayed out?

Select the check box and change the preferred width to a size that fits within the margin--6" should be good.

Then click on the OK button to apply the formatting change.

Be sure to save the document between major format changes in case the application hangs or if you get an unexpected result you can close the document without saving and continue from where you left off.

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