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11.3. HandBrake


Use HandBrake to convert VOB file to avi, mkv, m4v or mpg, create chapters or compress movies.

Download and install HandBrake from and install it as prompted.


Open HandBrake



Click on the Source icon to select a file to import into HandBrake


Browse to the file select the *.AVI file and click on the Open button

In this example an *.AVI file will be used


The file will be read into application. Depending on the size of the file and the processing capability of the PC this could take some time.


In the Destination Section of HandBrake you will need to specify a location for the completed movie by clicking on the Browse button.


From the Save as type: drop down select a file format to save the move as.

In this example the video file is an avi file and needs to be converted to a lower resolution avi move. Files that start or as VOB files or are too large will not stream over the internet well. Reducing the video's resolution will make it stream better, with fewer caching interruptions.

Note: The Save as file name CANNOT be the same as the original file name if the two files are in the same directory.

Click the Save button


The section illustrated above will allow you to modify the movie.


The Video tab allows changes to the Video Codec (compression type), Encoding Settings, Destination File Size and Bitrate.


The Audio & Subtitles tab allows changes to audio compression settings and the addition of subtitles if they are encoded in the original video file (usually only VOB files)


The Chapters tab allows chapter creation. This method of breaking the video file into smaller parts is time based. Use DVDShrink or Microsoft Movie Maker to manually control when chapter breaks occur. A manual method is recommended when creating chapters in most cases to keep logical video segments together.


Select the Start icon to begin.

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