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1.5. Graphics Guide



There are two basic types of computer graphic formats: bitmap and vector.


file formats: GIF, JPG/JPEG
program: Adobe Photoshop


file formats: AI, EPS
program: Adobe Illustrator




Resolution is measured by DPI (dots per inch).  This refers to the amount of information per inch that a monitor can display or a printer can print.  The resolution of an images should be optimized to the right DPI for the end format.

Web: 72 DPI
The greater the DPI, the larger the file size.

Newspaper: 150 DPI

Print: 300 DPI
The greater the dpi, the better the image clarity.




Color Types

Color Usage




Font Types

There are two basic types of computer graphic formats: serif and sans serif. Serifs are the small lines/curves or embellishment found at the ends of lines in a font.

Serif fonts

Examples: Adobe Garamond Pro, Century, Georgia, Perpetua, Times New Roman

Sans Serif

Examples: Arial, Calibri, Franklin Gothic, Myriad, Tahoma


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