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1.4. Graphic Standards


This document details the use of the University of Connecticut School of Business graphic standards. This should be used in conjunction with the graphic standards of the University of Connecticut which is available for view and download at http://logo.uconn.edu/pdf/UConn_graphic_standards.pdf.



The official University and School font is the serif font, Adobe Garamond Pro; Garamond is also acceptable.  The serif font is encouraged for all print usage.

When it is necessary to use a sans-serif font, e.g. in web or other electronic media to address readability issues, the suggested sans-serif font for the School is Arial.  Other acceptable fonts are Myriad Pro and Calibri.

The logo should only ever use Adobe Garamond Pro.



Professional Printing (e.g. letterhead, materials, etc.)
Use the Pantone color specifications; when unavailable use the corresponding CMYK values.  Note that when printing, the exact color output will always vary with the type and density of the paper or other material used.  For special print techniques, please refer to the University standards.

Screen Display (i.e. websites, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
Use RGB or HEX (hexadecimal) color specifications, which are based off of the Pantone color specification.  Below you will find first the RGB and HEX values for the actual UConn Navy Blue, and the web-safe RGB and HEX values.  The web-safe color values are best used when specifying text or other styles within an HTML document.

UConn Navy Blue

Pantone 281
CMYK 100,72,0,38

RGB (actual) 9,28,90
HEX (actual) #091C5A

RGB (recommended) 0,0,102
HEX (recommended) #000066

UConn Gray

Pantone Cool Gray 9
CMYK 56,47,44,11

RGB (actual) 116,118,121
HEX (actual) #747679

RGB (recommended) 102,102,102
HEX (recommended) #666666

60% Black may also be used


Accent colors

Currently, the School does not have an official accent color, although the website makes use of a drab green color with the following specifications:

CMYK 38,22,62,1
RGB 165,173,122
HEX #a5ad7a

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