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4.1. Managing Your Website

Departments, programs, centers and clubs are responsible for maintaining the content of their webpages. This includes text changes and document downloads. This is to ensure that consistent and accurate content is presented in a timely manner.  The departments, programs, centers and clubs have the best knowledge as to what content should be included on their site for their audience, when it needs to be updated, what content is outdated and what changes need to be made.

The School's Office of Communications oversees the School's branding and the user experience on the web. This office also serves as a resource to empower the departments, programs and centers to take ownership of their web presence. The Office of Communications manages general pages that fall outside of departments, programs and centers, including but not limited to Rankings and Fast Facts and special initiatives.  The Office of Communications offers guides, training, tools and access for users maintaining their sites, oversees the School's branding and overall web presence and messaging, as well as gets involved in higher initiative projects, including but not limited to new websites, registration/functional pages, usage issues, complex projects, websites that are not managed through the School's content management systems, and the creation/maintenance of items that affect user experience, including the navigation bars, news/event items, user administration, and multimedia.

Best Practices

One or two members of a department, program or center should have access and training to be able to manage their webpages.

Users are encouraged to review the content on their webpages at least twice a year to ensure accuracy of the information.  A suggested timeframe would be during the summer and during winter break. Any time a major change happens, such as the addition or programs or policy changes, the web content manager should make sure that the website is updated appropriately.

Tools & Training

The Aurora content management system is maintained by the UITS Web Dev team. This team routinely offers training on how to use Aurora. Web content managers are strongly encouraged to attend Aurora Basics training. Also, the Web Dev team occasionally offers Aurora Open Labs, where you can work on your webpages while a team member is available to answer questions. For more information, see http://aurora.uconn.edu/training/.

The School's Office of Communications offers additional support for web maintenance. Please send your request to communications@business.uconn.edu.



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