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2.4. GBLC Rainbow Walls


The Rainbow Walls are the jumbotron boards located at the Graduate Business Learning Center in Hartford, CT.  There are two boards that face out at the corner of Market St. and Kinsley St.


Ad Frequency

Unless specified, the graphic/animation will run in rotation with all other graphics on the Rainbow walls from 7:00 am until 1:00 am every day until stop date. The average cycle rate is 3 minutes depending on content currently in rotation.


Appropriate Use

The Rainbow Walls are used to transmit School of Business messages, including but not limited to rankings, news, events and greetings.  At the discretion of the School's Office of Communications, the boards may also be used to promote interests of the University of Connecticut at large and to support non-profit events that benefit the greater community, as well as to satisfy cross-promotion advertising agreements.


Technical Specifications

We accept two (2) types of formatted files for display on our Rainbow walls.

A) Animation file.

Our boards are 304 pixels wide and 224 pixels high. We run all animations at 30fps. All resulting movies must be 30 seconds (900 frames) or less. All files should be created without soundtrack. (We provide video only). Due to large size of screen and proximity to street for viewing we recommend only one or two font types for your ad. We use Verdana 16pt. bold as our "everyday" font. Do not go smaller than 12 points.

We require one finished file that is an Flash movie (.swf)* and one that is formatted "Windows AVI" with no compression. **  In Flash, when exporting to windows AVI use the following graphic as a reference.

* We use this file for sign administration only. (We do not provide web advertisement)
** We do not use compression for our videos, as a result, the files can be quite large. If a CD/DVD can not be provided feel free to send the raw flash document (.fla) and we can convert it to video on site. Do not attempt to email a completed AVI file.

B) Still Graphic.

You may also provide a static image and can be created in many programs; we use Photoshop CS. The resulting format should be JPEG (.jpg). All files must be 304 pixels wide and 224 pixels high. 72 DPI is fine for image resolution.



Please submit all Rainbow Wall advertisements to communications@business.uconn.edu.  The Office of Communications will approve all messages before they are broadcast on the Rainbow Walls.

Please include with your submission: Technical contact information, Start Date and End Date.

Please allow 5 business days for scheduling.

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