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5.2. How to Request and Install directEDGAR

Requesting directEDGAR


If this is the first time you are installing directEDGAR please click send an email to Access to the file share where data and installation files reside is needed first.

When you receive confirmation that you have been granted access please log off your PC and back on for the new access rights to be applied.

NOTE: If you are using this software off campus (Not on in a University of Connecticut Building)  a Virtual Private Network Connection is required. Open a web browser and go to Sign in using your NETID and NETID password. Launch the Network Connect Client. Then proceed with the installation or use of DirectEDGAR.


Installing directEDGAR


IMPORTANT: Before beginning installation please click on my computer and view Network Locations. If Q:\ is in use please write down the path, right click on Q:\ and select disconnect.

Drive letter Q:\ is needed for DirectEDGAR. Please click here to map the Q:\

Q:\DirectEdgar\Drive1 is for accounting filings.

Q:\DirectEdgar\Drive1 is for financial filings.

Installation Procedures

 Go to Computer and your Q:\ Drive

 ISYS Query tool Install

Go to Q:\DirectEdgar\Install\ISYS-Query
Double click ISYSruntime8setup.exe
Click Next
Accept the Agreement and click Next
At the User Information screen, click Next


Click Next at the Destination Folder screen
At "Select Installation Type", click Custom and click Next


 At the Select Features screen, change ISYS: start center and Shell Integration to "Entire Feature will be unavailable" as shown below.


Click Next, and at Ready to Install the Application, click Next again.

You should see this screen after the installation is complete.  You may click on Finish.


 DirectEdgar Tools (DE Extraction Engine) Install

Go to Q:\DirectEdgar\Install\deTools-ExtractionEngine

Click  directEDGAR_ExtractionEngine_64bit.exe

Click Install


The installer will run and close itself when finished.

To access the DE Extraction Engine, go to Start > Programs > ExtractionEngine V1.6

Excel Add-In

Go to Q:\DirectEdgar\Install\Excel Add-In


Excel will open and you may get a Microsoft Excel Security Notice:


Click Enable Macros.

In Excel click on the Add-Ins tab, you will now see "directEDGAR."

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