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3.1. Creating Annual Report using Digital Measures

Creating Annual Report using Digital Measures

1. Click on Husky DM Login (you will have to allow pop-ups from DM). You will log in with your University NetID.

2. Go to the University's Digital Measures site: http://huskydm.uconn.edu

3. Update your activities. Click on Manage Your Activities. For purposes of AQ/PQ identification (AACSB),pay particular attention to the following sections


Note: For AACSB, all faculty (including In Residence faculty) have to be involved in Professional Development activities (conference/workshop attendance, professional service, etc.), otherwise they will be neither Academically Qualified (AQ), nor Professionally Qualified (PQ).

Typical Sections to enter data for Business Faculty shown below with arrow

4. Entering Scheduled Teaching information

Entering On-load Teaching. Location must be filled out, and Overload set to No

Entering Over-load Teaching (EMBA, Summer, etc.) – same as above except Location and Overload field as shown below

5. Entering Intellectual Contributions information

To have the Activity Report print your journal articles for the year, the following date rules must be followed:

Publications Published:

Publication Status should be Published

Date Published should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year)

Publications Accepted:

Publication Status should be Accepted

Date Accepted should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year)

Publications Under Review:

Publication Status should be Submitted or Revising to Resubmit.

Date Submitted should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year). If you submitted more than an year back, please change the date to             be within date range.

Publications in Progress:

Publication Status should be In Progress, Not Yet Submitted.

Expected Date of Submission should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year).


If a paper is co-authored, please have only the first UConn author enter the information in DM. It will automatically show up in research contributions of all other co-authors.

If multiple authors enter information about the same paper, it creates duplicate records in DM which has to be manually removed.

Example: Entering Publications Accepted


Example: Entering Publications Under Review/ Revising to Resubmit

6. You are now ready to print your Annual Report

Choose Run Custom Reports on Main Menu

Choose Annual Activity Report (Business) and click SELECT REPORT (choosing Select Report is important)

Enter correct date range, as shown below.

7. Once Annual Report is printed, check for accuracy


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