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2.9. Recover a Deleted File on Network

Network File Recovery

The School of Business IT Group has deployed additional services that will assist you with self-file recovery from network shares. It is important to save your most valuable data to either your department's network share, Q:\ or your personal share P:\. Please visit this link for details What is P:\ and Q:\?  When a file is saved or modified on the file server a process running on the server tracks changes to prevent data loss. This tool can be used to recover data or restore previous versions.

To recover a deleted file:

Please Note: The file to recover MUST have been saved on a network share as this type of recovery is not available on desktops. Desktop files are recovered through a different method for more information on this process please see Automatic Backup With Backblaze.

Click the Windows Start Orb .

Click Computer.

Browse to the Network Drive location were you last accessed the file.

Right click in a blank area of the folder that previously contained the file.

Select Properties.

Double click on one of the folder version that likely has the file to recover.

When the file and version are found click and drag that file to your desktop to recover it. Then drag the file to the network location to fully restore the file.

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