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6.1. How to Fix Java Problems

The easiest way to resolve common java issues, where java enabled web application are not working correctly is to remove java and all updates and update to the latest version.

JavaRa Portable is a convenient application that will purge all previous version of Java.

Download and launch JavaRa

Close all web browsers.

Click Remove Older Versions

Click Yes

Check that all web browsers are closed and click OK

Click OK

Reinstall Java

Click Search For Updates

Select the option to Update Using Sun Java's Website (Now Oracle)

Click Open Webpage

Generally he latest Java Runtime Engine e.g Java Second Edition (SE) 7u2 JRE is preferred.

Select the option to Accept License Agreement.

Click the hyperlink for the appropriate operating system to begin the download.

Click Save File

Double click on the downloaded file to begin installation.

Follow the prompts to complete the installation.


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