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2.3. How to Configure Remote Desktop Connections to use the Remote Desktop Gateway

Before proceeding Windows XP and Vista users will need to update to the latest version of the Remote Desktop Client

The School of Business has implemented a Remote Desktop Gateway. This gateway server securely encrypts Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) data and negates the need to initiate a Virtual Private Network (VPN) session prior to starting a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) session, when configured per the instruction below.


As of March 21, 2012 all RDC sessions will require either connection through the Remote Desktop Gateway OR a VPN session in response to Remote Desktop Protocol Vulnerability

Configuring RDC to use the Remote Desktop Gateway


Click Windows Start icon or the Windows Orb

Click All Programs, Accessories, Remote Desktop Connection

Click Options then click on the "Advanced" tab.


Click "Settings".



Select  the option to"Use these RD Gateway server settings:"

Enter remote.uconn.edu into the "Server name:" field.

Click Ok.


Click Connect.


Before a remote session can be initiated the host PC will need to be configured for remote access. Information on how to enable remote desktop and identiy the UCONN PC Hostname can be found in Starting a Remote Desktop Session. Please see the "From the UCONN PC (Host)" section.



You will be prompted to enter your School of Business logon credentials.  This will pass credentials to both the Gateway server and the host PC.


Note: It may take up to a minute to initially connect to the remote machine.


Once connected, a new icon will be displayed in the upper left corner of the Remote Desktop bar.  This indicates a Remote Gateway is in use and the session is encrypted.



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