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2.1. How to use 7-Zip

How to use 7-Zip


All Windows laptops and desktops deployed by the School of Business Technology Services Group have 7-Zip installed. 7-Zip is the University of Connecticut's default compression utility.

If you have not used 7-Zip then updating it first is advised. Go to

Click on the appropriate version for your Operating System (7-Zip for 64-bit Windows x64 (Intel 64 or AMD64) is recommended.

When installation completes click on the Windows Start "orb"

Click All Programs,  scroll to and select 7-Zip, and Click on 7-Zip to start the application.

Click Tools, Options...

Click Select all.

Unselect cab and iso then click Apply

This will build a file association between the selected file types and the compression utility.

To expand  a file double click on the archive (compressed file)

Drag and drop the compressed file(s) to a new location to expand the file(s).

If there are multiple files in the archive Extract and browse to a new file location to save the expanded files.

Click OK

To compress a file Right click on the file to compress. Click 7-Zip, then click Add to archive...

For multiple files drag and drop all files to compress into a folder. Righ click on the  folder containing the files to compress and click 7-Zip, then click Add to archive...

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