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5.1. About DirectEDGAR

DirectEDGAR is software designed to pull sort and extract specific information from SEC filings.  It saves researches time and effort in collecting the data by formatting it in much clearer and usable tables than is available from the filings themselves.  From the website: 'Our tool lifts data from the original SEC filings and then normalizes it into one csv file, ready to open in Excel, SAS or similar analysis programs.'

A subscription to directEDGAR is delivered in a software download of the extraction engine, as well as quarterly sets of DVD discs of the SEC filing data, which must be stored on a network accessible location.  Our license covers access to DirectEDGAR data for faculty and Ph.D.s.

The SEC Filing Data is mailed quarterly in the form of DVD discs.  We have subscriptions to two sets of data, Accounting and Finance.  Please note that this has no correlation to our academic departments (i.e. Finance faculty access the Finance data, and Accounting faculty access the accounting data)  So far it has mostly been a handful of accounting faculty and almost all of the the accounting Ph.Ds who are using the software, and they access both sets of data.

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