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5.3. Extracting Data with DirectEdgar

In order to make the SEC filings more accessible, first one must use the ISYS Query Extraction Tool.  Users input their search keywords into ISYS, which queries the data on a high level and outputs an excel file  that is then used by the de Extraction Engine.  

Run the ISYS Query
        - Query engine that searches the files and exports into excel
        - Go to File > Open ISYS Index
        - Not very powerful, kind of a first pass
        - Returns a list of files and exports that into the excel doc with files and path

Run de Extraction Engine on the excel output
        - It pulls snips of those files with the search terms
        - Saves those files as html on the local machine
        - You can narrow the search in directedgar but if you want to widen it, you have to go back into ISYS

Additional Training

Amy Dunbar has posted information on using DirectEDGAR (including videos) here:

        - Burch uses python to code directedgar
        - You can learn some python and do so much more with it
        - SEC data tons of tables and not organized, dE summarizes it in a way that makes it manipulatable

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