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1.6. Printing Services and Graphic Design

Document Production

UConn's Design and Document Production Center and Mail Services is a print vendor internal to UConn, which means that soliciting a quote is not necessary. You can submit your files online at DPC's Online Order Form.

The Design and Document Production Center and Mail Services are here to help with your printing, designing, and mailing needs. 


The center accepts either digital files or hard copies for scanning. They can normally get most jobs finished in 2-3 working days. If you need a price estimate, just email the details to dpc@uconn.edu.

Document Production can print one proof (sorry, posters or anything over 12 x 18, not included) at no charge. Proofing can be done by staff here on campus or you may come and personally proof it yourself.

Document Production also has free delivery on campus, provided by Central Stores.

Graphic Design

Within the Document Production staff is a very knowledgeable graphic designer who can design your University document or poster for free. They also have mail piece design and mail processing experts that can guide you in the creation of a mail piece for the most cost effective postage price. This gives them the ability to print, insert (or) address, and mail documents all in one location.


Envelope Printing is another service document production offers. They can create a variety of different sized envelopes with return address and/or variable data, outgoing addresses, and department specific Business Reply Mail (BRM). Standard #10 University envelopes need to be purchased through the University's vendor Alpha Graphics.

No purchase order is needed and jobs can be paid with a KFS account number, cash, or check. Document Production does NOT accept credit cards.

No receiving report is needed.

Questions? Call document production at 860-486-2022, email dpc@uconn.edu, or visit the Design and Document Production Center website.


External Vendors

Some print projects require printing services from external vendors. University Purchasing is requiring that when using an external printer to produce materials, you must request three quotes from qualified vendors and select the lowest quote. It is suggested that the quotes come from vendors of a similar category. All vendors must be given identical printer specifications.

Vendor Categories

Purchasing has categorized printing vendors as follows:

Category I

Category II

Category III

Category IV - Digital Printing

Vendor List by Category

A list of approved qualified print vendors by category are available through the School's Office of Communications or by contacting University Purchasing. To request this list from the School's Office of Communications, send an email to communications@business.uconn.edu.

Technical Specifications

All request for quotes for a project must include identifical specifications. Suggested specifications include:

The Office of Communications has a Word Document with the Commercial Printing Request form. If you'd like to request this form or if you need assistance filling out technical specifications for printers, please contact Marie LeBlanc at mleblanc@business.uconn.edu.

Common Questions

Do I have to go to an external printer?

No, you can use the UConn Document Production Center (DPC). DPC is a print vendor internal to UConn, which means that soliciting a quote is not necessary. An added benefit of using DPC is that you do not need a purchase order - just your KFS number. You can submit job requests online at DPC's Online Order Form.

At what point should I request quotes?

When you know the final quantity and printing specifications of your project, you should start identifying vendors and requesting quotes. You cannot request a quote without the final uniform printing specifications, but you do not need to wait until the design is finalized. When putting together a timeline for printing, you need to allot for the time it takes to receive the quotes, process the quotes, and the time between submitting the files to the printer and delivery.

What happens if I don't supply identical specifications to the external print vendor, or the specifications change after I sent them to the vendors or after they've submitted a quote?

You must resubmit the specifications to the vendors and request a quote based on the new identical specifications. If a vendor has already submitted a quote, they will need to submit a new quote based on the final identical specifications.

I don't know how to fill out the specifications sheet; can you help me?

Certainly! To request assistance, please email communications@business.uconn.edu.

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