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2.3. Lync for biz.uconn.edu - Mac

If you have never used Lync for biz.uconn.edu, click on Initialize your Lync Account and follow the instructions for Initializing Your Lync for biz.uconn.edu before proceeding.

There are three steps to Installing the Mac version of Lync:

  1. Downloading Lync
  2. Running Lync for biz.uconn.edu the first time
  3. Logging in to UConn Lync for Students

Step 1: Downloading Lync

To download Lync for biz.uconn.edu for your personal device, browse to http://lync.uconn.edu and click on Get started with Lync then click on the appropriate downloader for your system.




Allow the download to complete, then launch Lync_Mac_2011_All.dmg
Click on the Lync Installer icon to begin the installation. Follow the installation wizard to install and configure Microsoft Lync for Students.


Step 2: Running Lync for biz.uconn.edu for the first time

Double-click the Microsoft Lync icon to start Microsoft Lync for Students.
Click the Advanced icon at the bottom of the window.
Select Manual configuration under the Connection Settings option
Enter sipdir.online.lync.com:443 into both Internal Server Name: and External Server Name:
Ensure that Connect using: is set to TLS
Click OK to return to the sign-in screen and connect.

Step 3: Logging in to UConn Lync for Students

Enter your Firstname.Lastname@biz.uconn.edu account into both Email address: and User ID: fields
e.g. John.Dough@biz.uconn.edu

Enter your password and click Sign In.

For more information on using Lync for biz.uconn.edu, please see the Training guides for Mac OSX on http://lync.uconn.edu.

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