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3.1. Faculty/Staff/Student Profiles

There are three ways that users may have their profile information on the School of Business website:

Online (People) Profile Page


Every faculty/staff/Ph.D. student that has a presence on a Business School website hosted in Aurora may have their own people page (online profile). As of January 14, 2016, the new UC People online profile system has replaced the UUP system where a user must update both their basic and extended profiles. Now the content is all consolidated into a single location which the user may update.

Faculty, Staff, and Ph.D. students have basic profile information on the main School of Business website. Full-time MBA students have basic profile information on the MBA website. Faculty/Staff/Ph.D. profiles and user listings should not appear on School sites other than the main site.


The online people profile is a single page profile which brings in information such as name, title, phone number, and email, as well as providing a large white space for profile content, a file area for CVs/Resumes, and a profile image area. When a user has a profile page linked to them, their name will be clickable on user listings, which directs to their people profile page.

Brief instructions on how to edit

  1. Log in to http://www.business.uconn.edu/wp-admin using your NetID and Password.  This link also appears at the bottom of www.business.uconn.edu, labeled "Webmaster Login"
  2. Navigate to "People", then select your name to edit the page
  3. Edit any necessary content
    1. Adding/Editing your profile image
    2. Adding/Editing your CV
  4. Make your updates, and choose Update
  5. Your changes will automatically be live

Detailed instructions are available at Updating People Profile Information.

If you need assistance managing your people profile page you are encouraged you to go to a UITS Open Lab, which are listed at http://aurora.uconn.edu/training/.

If you'd like to request assistance updating your people profile information, including adding your CV, you can email communications@business.uconn.edu, and it will get on our production queue, although the fastest way to make changes to your extended profile is self-service.

Faculty Website


Personal websites are only offered on the School of Business domain (e.g., yourname.business.uconn.edu) for School of Business faculty members.


Faculty websites are appropriate for faculty members who wish to include more in depth web presence with information beyond their online profile or including multiple pages of information.

Faculty websites have always been maintained by the individual faculty members. However, the University and the School do provide the technical framework and support that faculty can take advantage of, namely: Aurora, which is a UITS-supported content management system based on Wordpress. For more information on Aurora, see http://aurora.uconn.edu.

Setting up your site

School of Business faculty may request an Aurora account either at http://aurora.uconn.edu/request-an-account/ or by emailing communications@business.uconn.edu. 

Once the site is set up, you will have full Administrative access to manage your content.

Editing your site

UITS offers training on how to use Aurora.  You may sign up for training at http://aurora.uconn.edu/training/.

Site Go Live

Any faculty website on the School of Business domain will have the URL format of http://[first initial][lastname].business.uconn.edu; e.g.: http://jgu.business.uconn.edu.

Before going live, please review the Go Live and Accessibility pages in ensure your site is accessible and ready to Go Live.

You may request Go Live by filling out the Aurora Go Live Request Form or by emailing communications@business.uconn.edu.


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