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4.3. Adding new pages


The follow access levels have the following permissions regarding adding pages:

How to add a new page

Please see the training video at http://aurora.uconn.edu/pages/.

If you require training on how to use Aurora, please see http://aurora.uconn.edu/training/.

How to publish a page

If you have Contributor access, you are given a button option to "Submit for Review" (not "Publish").  Then you must notify the Web Content Manager/Editor of that site or communications@business.uconn.edu who will be able to review and publish the page.

If you have Editor or Administrative access, you are given a button to "Publish." The page is automatically live on the website. 

Please note:

How to add pages to the navigation

Changes to navigation must be sent to communications@business.uconn.edu so that an Administrative user can review and update the navigation.

When placing new navigation items, Administrative users take into account:

Blank or TBD/Under Construction pages are never added to live navigation.




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