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1.2. How to Create an Outlook Email Archive or Personal Folder


Navigate to Start > Control Panel > Mail and choose "Data Files".


Under the "Data Files" tab hit "Add."


Choose "Office Outlook Personal Folders File (.pst)" and hit OK.


Name your Personal Folder file whatever you please, in this instance I chose "Email Archive," and Save in: My Documents > Outlook.

**NOTE: If you are using a computer with the School of Business image (most university assets) you can simply type "D:\Data\Outlook\Email Archive.pst" into the address bar.


Name your Personal Folder; this will be the actually name displayed in Outlook, and optionally you can create a password.


Open (or restart) Outlook.  Your newly created Personal Folder should show up in the left hand pane under Mail.  You can expand the archive by clicking the "+" and create folders within it like any other folder in your mailbox.

**NOTE: Email saved to a Personal Folder is removed from the mail server and stored onto your local machine.  Therefore it is only accessable from that particular machine.

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