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2.2. Shared Calendars Not Updating

Open Microsoft Outlook

On the Outlook tool bar click File.

Click Account Settings.

Select Account Settings...

Double click on the Exchange Server Account. E.G. john.dough@business.uconn.edu.

In the example above John.Dough@business.uconn.edu's mail is being delivered to a cache file (John.Dought.ost).

In the Example above Cached Exchange Mode is selected. This option prevents Outlook from fetching live data from the Calendar. If a person tasked with updating a group calendar, or the calendar owner, is operating with Cached Exchange Mode enabled his/her updates may not be applied to the calendar until Outlook is closed, opened, or the "F9" key is pressed. In Cached Exchange mode offline-file caches have to be forced to synchronize with the Exchange server.

Unselect "Use Cached Exchange Mode". This will automate calendar synchronization.

Click More Settings...

Click the Advanced tab.

Unselect Use Cached Exchange Mode.

Unselect Download shared folders.

Click OK.

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

Close all calendars, emails and close Outlook.

Launch Outlook to fetch live data from the Exchange Server.

If a new employee is tasked with scheduling on a shared calendar share this information with them.

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