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1.2. What to Do When "User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" (Windows 7)

What to Do When "User Profile Cannot Be Loaded" (Windows 7)


If you received the error message, "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded," when logging onto your profile you should first try to log in to another profile using a different username and password or connect the PC to the domain it was originally configured on (with an ethernet cable) and log on using any account from that domain.


If you are able to log in with another username, the problem only occurs on a specific profile. If you are an administrator and computer-savy, the following procedure will solve the issue:

Restart the PC to release the problem profile

Logon as administrator or another account with Administrative access

Restart and the old profile should load. If it does not logon again as administrator and check the desktop, if  there are too many files (not shortcuts) move them to c:\users\documents and restart again.


If the problem persists, please call or email the HelpDesk to set up an appointment with a technician.

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