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Faculty/Staff Information

Contains useful information and common troubleshooting procedures exclusive to School of Business Faculty and Staff

1. Qualtrics

2. Business User Profile

2.1. Password Complexity Requirements


As of April 2016 new passwords associated with all School of Business accounts must meet certain complexity requirements.  Below is an inclusive list of these requirements.


New BUSN passwords must:

  • Not contain the user's account name or more than two consecutive characters from the user's full name
  • Be at least eight (8) characters in length
  • Contain characters from three (3) of the following four (4) categories:
    • English uppercase letters (A through Z)
    • English lowercase letters (a through z)
    • Numerical digits (0 through 9)
    • Non-alphabetic characters (eg. !, @, #, $, %)
  • Can not reuse any of the 24 previous passwords



3. Digital Measures

3.1. Creating Annual Report using Digital Measures

Creating Annual Report using Digital Measures

1. Click on Husky DM Login (you will have to allow pop-ups from DM). You will log in with your University NetID.

2. Go to the University's Digital Measures site: http://huskydm.uconn.edu

3. Update your activities. Click on Manage Your Activities. For purposes of AQ/PQ identification (AACSB),pay particular attention to the following sections


  • Consulting
  • Professional Development
  • Professional Memberships
  • Scheduled Teaching
  • Intellectual Contributions

Note: For AACSB, all faculty (including In Residence faculty) have to be involved in Professional Development activities (conference/workshop attendance, professional service, etc.), otherwise they will be neither Academically Qualified (AQ), nor Professionally Qualified (PQ).

Typical Sections to enter data for Business Faculty shown below with arrow

4. Entering Scheduled Teaching information

Entering On-load Teaching. Location must be filled out, and Overload set to No

Entering Over-load Teaching (EMBA, Summer, etc.) – same as above except Location and Overload field as shown below

5. Entering Intellectual Contributions information

To have the Activity Report print your journal articles for the year, the following date rules must be followed:

Publications Published:

Publication Status should be Published

Date Published should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year)

Publications Accepted:

Publication Status should be Accepted

Date Accepted should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year)

Publications Under Review:

Publication Status should be Submitted or Revising to Resubmit.

Date Submitted should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year). If you submitted more than an year back, please change the date to             be within date range.

Publications in Progress:

Publication Status should be In Progress, Not Yet Submitted.

Expected Date of Submission should be in date range (July 1, last year-June 30, this year).


If a paper is co-authored, please have only the first UConn author enter the information in DM. It will automatically show up in research contributions of all other co-authors.

If multiple authors enter information about the same paper, it creates duplicate records in DM which has to be manually removed.

Example: Entering Publications Accepted


Example: Entering Publications Under Review/ Revising to Resubmit

6. You are now ready to print your Annual Report

Choose Run Custom Reports on Main Menu

Choose Annual Activity Report (Business) and click SELECT REPORT (choosing Select Report is important)

Enter correct date range, as shown below.

7. Once Annual Report is printed, check for accuracy

  • You may delete sections that do not apply to you.
  • You may enter Your Rating under Teaching (eventually will be automatically entered by PS).


4. Directory Information

4.1. How to Change Uconn Directory Information


Open your favorite web browser and go to http://www.phonebook.uconn.edu

Click on the hyperlink to "Change Information"



Click on the hyper link for "Faculty, Staff or Other"



Choose the Process Based on Information to be Updated

Want to Change:


Your Name

Legal name changes only, use
and send to Human Resources with supporting documentation.

Account ID,
E-Mail Address,
or Web Address

Fill out and submit THIS FORM

Title and Department

Department completes a Payroll Authorization Form for Classified, Unclassified, and Special Payrolls and forwards to Payroll with appropriate supporting documentation.
Graduate Assistants and Students changes are completed on-line.

Marital Status

Department completes a Separation Form and forwards to Payroll.

Mailing Unit

Departments can E-Mail Ellen Faircloth with mailing unit changes. Employee numbers must be included in the E-Mail.

Work Telephone

Departments can E-Mail Ellen Faircloth with work telephone number changes. Employee numbers must be included in the E-Mail.

4.2. How to Add or Edit Faculty/Staff Profile Information

Please see this link explaining how to create or edit your School of Business Profile

5. Large File Transfer

5.1. Dropbox / FileLocker

If you are unable to send a large file to a colleague because it is larger than 9MB the common Exchange server or mail server limit it us recommended that you use UCONN Dropbox https://dropbox.uconn.edu/dropbox or the more preferred FileLocker http://web2.uconn.edu/filelocker/

5.2. Fix UCONN Dropbox URLS for External Access

If you get a Dropbox URL that looks like the one below and starts with https://vpn.uconn.edu/... Then it will be inaccessible to users who do not have UCONN NETIDs



Change everything before the question mark to https://dropox.uconn.edu/?

The portion after the question mark is the command that identifies the file name and everything after the equal sign is the hash or encrypted password.

n=F5%20MD%20contents.zip&p= WXG2MvUvBMeE4v2qD

The working link is below:


6. New to the School of Business?

6.1. New School of Business Faculty/Staff Information


Important Security Concern

  • University of Connecticut UITS, and School of Business IT Services will NEVER ask for a password or personal information via email. Please regard ALL such requests as fraudulent.


How to logon to my office PC

  • Use your School of Business username and password (It is usually your first initial and full last name and the password should have been provided by School of Business ITS or your Department Administrator). A valid logon will provide access to email, departmental resources, personal network storage, printers and internet access.


How to logon to a classroom PC

There are two logons that can use while teaching or using a classroom.

  • Use the generic /guest sbstudent account (Each classroom PC has this information on a sticker affixed to the PC)
  • Use your School of Business username and password (It is usually your first initial and full last name and the password should have been provided by School of Business ITS or your Department Administrator). This method is recommended as it permits access to network resources.


Using School of Business classroom technology


How to send large files


Accessing email

There are several ways to get email.


Wireless settings for laptops and portable devices


Data Access from off-campus


Update staff directory


Network Resources

This link will map your P: Drive (personal network share), provide access to departmental shares, and  install network printers.


How to get technical support

School of Business Systems

Non-School of Business Systems


Getting around campus


Public Safety Services

For emergencies dial  911

6.2. Departing the School

When a faculty or staff member opts to buy a laptop from  UCONN / School of Business the device must be purged of ALL UCONN software and Personal Identifiable Information (PII). In accordance with University Campus License Agreements and Device and Media Control Policy.

  • Rachel Greene will generate a quote for the purchase price for the laptop or device.
  • If the faculty/staff member wishes to proceed with the purchase that faculty/staff member will need to copy any information they wish to keep to backup media (Not on the device to purchase)
  • Confirmation that data was backed up to a different device by the end-user is required in the Request Body of a ticket.
  • Confirmation that the faculty/staff knows the device will be returned with NO OPERATING SYSTEM OR SOFTWARE OR DATA in the Request Body of a ticket.
  • ICT make the data inaccessible using one of the following mechanisms:
  • IOS and Android devices will be Hard Reset (Returned to Factory settings)
    • Apple Laptops and Desktop that are not running Intel processors
      • Data Wipe Disc (see Chris Buckridge)
  • The  purchase transaction and the signed Certification of Data Inaccessibility Form need to be recorded in KFS Capital Assets System. To use the on-ine KFS system, you must be a designated administrator for your department. Both forms must be completed before University Surplus can move computers/electronic media to Surplus, or process purchase of University assets that once contained UCONN data.


Faculty and Staff are eligible for greatly reduced software pricing. To purchase an Operating System and Office Suite they can use the following links:



Operating System

Office For Windows



Operating System

Office For Mac


7. P:, Q:, & Other Network Drives

7.1. Data - What is P:\ and Q:\?

What is P:\ and Q:\


The School of Business provides two network storage locations for faculty, Ph.Ds. and staff to use for saving data. These network resources map as local drives on all Windows PCs that sign into the Business domain and are connected to the School of Business network. Simply click "Computer" and look in the "Network Location" section.

The P:\ is for "Private Data." Private data might include works in progress, publications, and other types of university-related data not meant for others to access.

The Q:\ is for departmental data. This data is accessible by coworkers and departmental colleagues only.

P:\ and Q:\ were selected to pay homage to an easy to remember colloquialism "Mind your P's and Q's." In the School of Business community it translates to "be mindful of where you place your data. P is for private and Q is Quasi-public or departmental."

7.2. Map a Network Drive Revised

Click Windows Start or the Windows Orb

Click Computer

Click Map network drive

In the Drive: dropdown choose a drive letter that will help identify the drive. It is recommended to map manually created network drives alphabetically in descending order. For example Z then Y and so on. This will leave A-G for removable drives and G though T for logon scripts.

In the Folder: field enter the server name and fully qualified domain name (FQDN) for the resource to connect to followed by a back slash "\" and the location of the files.

Select the option to Reconnect at logon

Select the option to Connect using different credentials only if the network resource you are connecting to is on a different domain or your logon credentials do not permit you to map the drive.

E.G. \\servername. FullyQualified.DomainName.edu

See the table below Credential Method 1 for examples.

Credential Method 1


Select the option to Remember

Some common examples for our environment are found on the table below:

 Domain / Resource

Example username and FQDN

School of Business

username@business.uconn.edu (PREFERRED)

*School of Engineering


University of Connecticut



username@ mywork.com


Credential Method 2

Some domains do not accept Username@FullyQualified.DomainName.edu as a username. Instead another standard can be used if the authentication fails. The syntax is as follows:

Domain / Resource

Example username and FQDN

School of Business


*School of Engineering

ad.engr.uconn.edu\username (PREFERRED)

University of Connecticut







7.3. File Path to Map P: and Q:

If you are off campus a VPN connection is required to access your P: or Q: drive

Please see How to Connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) with Windows 7 

One-campus users will need to connect to an Ethernet jack or UCONN-SECURE.


Click the Window's Start icon (Windows Orb).

In the "Search Programs and Files field" type or paste in the following


Press the enter key.

The School of Business Logon script will run on the PC you are using.



When prompted enter your School of Business userid and append @business.uconn.edu.

Enter your School of Business domain password.  Click Ok.


You may be prompted with a "Open File - Security Warning".  Click Open.


When the script finishes running, you will see something similar to the following:

Visit "My Computer" to see your mapped drives!

7.4. Resolve Problems Mapping a Network Drive

Problems mapping network drive shares


Right click on the networking icon in the system tray (lower right corner of your primary display)

Click on Open Network and Share Center

Click Change adapter Settings

Right Click on the first network adapter listed and select Properties

Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6)

Click OK

Repeat the process for all adapters (recommended) or just for your wireless adapter and Local Area Connection

A reboot may be necessary for changes to fully implement.

7.5. What to Do When P: or Q: Drive Does Not Map Automatically

Please note: Access to P:\ and Q:\ require the user to be connected to the UCONN network through either an Ethernet patch cable connected to a data jack on a UConn campus or a connection to the UCONN-SECURE wireless network. Users off campus will need to initiate a VPN session first.

Double Click on My Computer

If the P:\ did not map click the Windows Desktop Start Button and search for and click Run in the Start Menu.


Enter \\business.uconn.edu\netlogon\SBLOGIN_2.2.3_DFS.vbs and click the OK button.


When prompted, click the Open button


Return to My Computer and the P:\ will have mapped.

7.6. Re-connecting your MSA Course Folder Drive

Reconnecting MSA Course Folders – For Windows Machines

Note: If you access your course folders from multiple machines, you will have to complete the instructions on each machine.


To connect from within the School of Business network

  • Disconnect old Course Folder Network drive
  • Go to Q:\Web\msa.business.uconn.edu\ACCT\msa
    • You will see your course folder listed in this directory


To connect from Home

Note: If you have never used VPN to connect to Uconn's network, you will need to install Uconn's Network Connect software.  Please follow the instructions here before proceeding to step 2:  Installing Network Connect (VPN)

  • Disconnect old Course Folder Network drive
  • Start Network Connect. (UConn VPN).  Go to Start > Programs > Juniper Networks > Network Connect
  • Run Network Connect
  •  You will be prompted for your username.  Enter your NetID and NetID password.

  • To verify your connection, you can look to the icons in the task tray and look for the yellow padlock icon.  It will say 'Connected' when the mouse is hovering over it.


  • Run the file BusnMapDrives.vbs


  •  Enter your School of Business username.

  • Enter your School of Business password.

  • The program will map your P: and Q: drives.  If successful you will see this message below.



  • Go to My Computer and you will see both P: and Q: drives listed.
  • Go to Q:\Web\msa.business.uconn.edu\ACCT\msa
    1. You will see your course folder listed in this directory


If you have any questions you can always contact the Helpdesk at 860-486-5450 or help@business.uconn.edu


8. Purchasing

8.1. List of Laser Pointers and Presentation Remotes


Laser Pointer and Presentation Remote


*$19.21 + Shipping

50 Feet

2 AAA Batteries

$17.30 Free Shipping

50 Feet

1*CR2032 battery



$10.72 Free Shipping

30 Feet

23A batteries (garage door opener)


$24.99 + Shipping

30 feet

2 AAA Batteries


$31.99 Free Shipping

(what we have now; they are expensive but very good!)

60 feet

2 AAA Batteries

*$19.99 + Shipping

30 feet

2 AAA Batteries


33 Feet

2AA Batteries


Made for Mac should work on any device with Bluetooth.


Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 adapter


Bluetooth 2.0 adapter

8.2. Microphones for use with Skype for Business

We have found the Jabra SPEAK 410 MS to be the best for price, quality and ease of use. It is very easy to use, no installation required, integrates with Lync and has very good sound quality (speaker phone like) and a self adjusting microphone that is natural sounding.

Here is a hyperlink with ordering information: http://amzn.com/B004ELA7TA